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Health safety and environment consult has a solid foundation and broad experience with health, safety, environment and quality (hseq) onshore, offshore and within the maritime area.

We base our consultancy on welldocumented concepts especially within Project Management.

Our solutions are tailor-made to the individual requirement in cooperation with our clients.

Our experienced Health and Safety Advisors (HSE Officers) are available for all kind of projects onshore, offshore and within the maritime sector.

Throughout the years we have gained a solid experience within the offshore oil and gas industry as well with establishing and servicing of offshore wind turbine parks. We supply all kind of safety courses incl. sea rescue, fire fighting, first aid, safety at heights, and maritime VHF radio etc.

We have specialised in Project Management and HSEQ solutions. We assist with risk and safety analysis, regional and cross border contingency plans, HSEQ plans, audits, inspections and exercises.

In connection with protection of the environment we assist with preparation of applications to the authorities, risk analysis, contingency planning, management and training of personnel.

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​Alarmingly, the natural values on the oceans and in the sea itself are at risk. This is not due to uncontrollable natural forces of the past.....

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