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Contract (2014-2015):

Health, Safety and Environment Consult has signed a contract with the Bonn Agreement Secretariat as project technical adviser for the project BE-AWARE II.

The objective of the BE-AWARE II project:

Following the success of BE- AWARE a further 2 year (2014-2015) initiative has been launched. The overall aim of the Bonn Agreement Area-Wide Assessment of Risk Evaluation II is to identify the most effective future risk reduction and response measures to reduce the risk of mineral oil pollution in the Greater North Sea and its approaches as identified in the BE-AWARE project.

​BE-AWARE II will model the fate and weathering of oil. 

Contract (2014-2015):

​spills from the Bonn Agreement Area predicted in BE-AWARE and will take into consideration a range of future (2020) scenarios for risk reduction measures and response capacities. The socioeconomic and environmental vulnerability of the coastline and offshore areas will also be identified using tool developed in the BE-AWARE project.

​Contract (2014 -)

Health, Safety and Environment Consult has signed a contract with Defense Command Denmark as project adviser for the Marine Environmental Risk Assessment – concerning waters in and adjacent to Greenland and the Atlantic (MERA Greenland).

The objective of the MERA Greenland project:

The overall objective of the MERA Greenland project is to perform an assessment of the collected risk concerning the Marine Environment in and around Greenland regarding oil and chemical pollution the assessment will form the basis of political and administrative discussion about how the Danish Defence`s future marine environmental preparedness should be structured and dimensioned.

Contract (2012-2014):​

Health, Safety and Environment Consult has signed a contract with the Bonn Agreement Secretariat as project management adviser for the project AREA-WIDE RISK ASSESSMENT OF THE GREATER NORTH SEA AND ITS APPROACHES (BE AWARE). The Project is co-financed by the European Union, with participation and support from the Bonn Agreement Secretariat, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands and with co-financing from Norway.

The objectives of the BE AWARE Project:

The overall aim of BE-AWARE is to clearly understand the regional risk of marine pollution in the Greater North Sea and its approaches and to compare the effectiveness of different strategies with the goal of optimising marine pollution prevention.

BE-AWARE will develop an area-wide marine pollution prevention policy quantifying resources available, current and future maritime activity levels and environmental sensitivity. The partners will undertake three separate complementary studies evaluating resources, use levels and environmental sensitivity. These discrete expert-led work packages will generate reports and GIS products to be shared and critiqued at a Workshop of Bonn Agreement Contracting Parties and project stakeholders at the mid-point of the project.

BE-AWARE then intends to produce a well-understood and unanimously accepted blue-print for disaster prevention at the regional level that has been tested and validated. This area-wide overview, identifying agreed areas of highest risk and any gaps that could weaken disaster prevention, will then be validated on a specific sub-region.

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Contract (2009-2012):​

Health, Safety and Environment Consult has signed a contract with the Danish Naval Head Quarters - Admiral Danish Fleet about execution of the function as Project Manager for the partly financed EU-project, Sub-Regional Risk of Oil and Hazardous Substances in the Baltic Sea (BRISK).

The objectives of the BRISK Project:

  • To provide the first overall risk assessment, based on a common methodology, to cover pollution caused by shipping acti-vities throughout the Baltic Sea.
  • To identify gaps in resources needed to effectively tackle major spills of oil and hazardous substances.
  • To plan joint investments to improve response capacities.
  • To speed up the development of trans-national agreements for joint response operations in areas where such agreements do not exist.

​Following countries participate as partners:

Denmark (Lead Partner)

  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Russia
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Germany

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​Works as:

Health, Safety and Environment Consult work as Senior Consulting for the Danish Company - Esbjerg Safety Consult A/S and this respect worked for:

  • NORECO – Norwegian Energy Company ASA
  • WINTHERSHALL Holding GmBh - Germany

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