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Think green

​Nature conservation - not only about nature

​Alarmingly, the natural values on the oceans and in the sea itself are at risk. This is not due to uncontrollable natural forces of the past, but to controllable current activities of man.

Coastal and marine and landscapes of the oceans - areas in nature that are delight to the eye and the soul, and at the same time constitute essential living environments for marine plants and animals and for birds - form the string of pearls. However, if just taken for granted, these natural pearls will gradually lose their lustre. Little can be done then to make them shine again and they will become lifeless and dull.

Preserving and taking good care of the oceans – coastal and landscapes
– is not just of matter of maintaining the grandness and beauty of the highly special environment in all oceans. Nature conservation is only partly about protecting nature for the sake of nature itself.

There is a general consensus in the world that we need to protect oceans and seas because we need the resources and services they provide. And there is an equally strong international consensus that we need protection of areas and ecosystems along our coast, including shallow water and seabeds, as well as offshore shallow areas that constitute biodiversity pools and refuges.

Therefore, we all have to think green in order to keep our natural values on the oceans and in the seas undamaged, also in the future. 

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Think green


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